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Automatic Marketing

Marketing is difficult & time consuming for Tattoo Artists. Keeping track of customers, thinking of campaigns & actually creating the campaigns means that this is something that is often forgotting about. Allow us to keep your customers coming back over and over again with our automatic marketing system, easily bringing you extra revenue every month!

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Increase your repeat customers

When it comes to business, repeat customers are the most important. With TatuZone, you will see your customers return like never before.

Run seasonal campaigns

There's many opportunties to retarget your customers for tattoos. Christmas, Birthdays & more. We do this for you, automatically.

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We do your marketing for you, automatically. Keep your customer coming back over and over again.

Send promotions

Keep your customer tempted & engaged with our promotional code system. This will allow you provide discounts, for example, when they refer a friend.

Our App Is Designed For Tattoo Artists

Created from the ground up for tattoo artists, our app saves you time, get's your customers back in the chair sooner, increases your online reviews and gets you the lowest ever price on named brand Tattoo Supplies
Our features include…


TatuZone Is Free

Be part of our initial launch and get TatuZone for FREE for up to 20 customers per month

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