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Tattoo Community

Inside our tattoo community, you will be able to connect with other tattoo artists across the US in multiple ways.

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Recruit Artists

Recruit new tattoo artists with ease using our job board, you will be able to see all their latest work and their profile.

Discover Artists

Easily discover new artists that show similar interests & styles to you and connect with them directly.

Secure Gusts Spots

As a shop, you can announce you have a guest spot available. Artists can then apply to join you if they express interest in that location.

Tattoo Conventions

If there's a Tattoo Convention, we know about it. Add yourself to the convention and connect with other artists that are also attending. You can use this area to buddy, get a both, or just meet a new friend!

Our App Is Designed For Tattoo Artists

Created from the ground up for tattoo artists, our app saves you time, get's your customers back in the chair sooner, increases your online reviews and gets you the lowest ever price on named brand Tattoo Supplies
Our features include…


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