Waivers & Check In System

Allow customers to check in & sign a waiver when they arrive for their tattoo. They can do this via a tablet, or via our unique QR Code system allowing them to use their own device.

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Check in before arrival

Save time on the day by quickly send an email or an SMS message to your customer allowing them to check in ahead of time.

Sign in via QR at the venue

If your client has not checked-in before they arrive, they can sign in with their own device at the shop using a QR code.

Opt in for marketing

Customers are given the opportunity to opt in for marketing. This includes getting their photograph sent to them after their tattoo.

Easy Reporting

Easily generate a report that will provide you a list of people at your shop

Digital Waiver

Upload your waiver & allow customer to sign it using their signature. You can access this digitally if ever required in the future

Our App Is Designed For Tattoo Artists

Created from the ground up for tattoo artists, our app saves you time, get's your customers back in the chair sooner, increases your online reviews and gets you the lowest ever price on named brand Tattoo Supplies
Our features include…


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